Managing Knowledge Companies with OKRs – A Pakistani Perspective


Knowledge companies are defined as having “knowledge” as their principal capital and so holds true for the knowledge worker. The concept has evolved over time, however it gained prominence after the term was first coined by Peter Drucker in 1957, where he suggests that “the most valuable asset of a...

STEM Learning Outcomes Improvement in 50,000 Students

STEM Learning Outcomes Improvement in 50,000 Students

The use of technology in all aspects of life is the way of the future. Pakistan’s education sector has to become comfortable with using ICT in learning as this is the new playground for stakeholders in education world-wide. In 2012, the ICT R&D Fund granted funds to Knowledge Platform to...

Bio-Printing: A Future Revolution


In recent years, significant advancements have been made in 3D or additive printing and it has certainly come a long way ever since its invention in 1987. This technology has been substantially utilized in the field of medicine in terms of recreating bio-printed organs which in turn have helped in improving and...

Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Life

Artificial Intelligence

During our childhood, many of us probably watched episode upon episode of the well-known “Knight Rider” series. ‘Kit’ was a prime example of artificial intelligence aiding human activity. To a large extent, that magical car addressed many childhood fantasies. However, as technological advancements accelerated, what we may have brushed off...

Internet of Things: It’s Happening!


When I first heard the term Internet of Things (IoT) a few years back it was a vague concept; one which I felt would not see realization, at least in the near future. The term Internet of Things was coined by Peter T. Lewis in September 1985 in a speech he delivered...

AR, VR and Where We Are

virtual and augmented reality

The “reality” offered by this technology is stranger than fiction and can may as well leave a Silicon Valley tech as awe-struck as an innocent peasant. VR typically refers to “computer technologies that use software to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment (or create...

Robotics: What is Pakistan Contributing?


It was back in 1939-1940, during the New York World Fair that the first humanoid robot was exhibited. Since then, there has been continuous research and development in the area of robotics, world over. In Pakistan, the field of robotics is being explored by many private organizations, universities, , incubators,...