The I in IoT


The ‘I’ in the Internet of Things (IoT) is quite often sidelined in the discussion about this newest of buzz-words.  Most discussions about IoT entrepreneurship revolve around novel solutions to problems and challenges within our society. Unlike the motivational phrase, “There is no I in teamwork,” I would argue that...

Transforming into a Learning Organization


Modern-day business enterprises are thrilled to claim their inclusion in the illustrious league of organizations which facilitate learning of its members and continually adapt and transform themselves. The concept of a learning organization is the antithesis to the traditional hierarchical, structured corporations where, more often than not, titles drive decisions....

Robots, Unabomber and the Future of Our Jobs


From 1978 to 1995, several bomb blasts were reported in USA which killed three and injured many. The mastermind behind these blasts was Ted Kaczynski (aka Unabomber), holding a PhD in Mathematics from University of Michigan and Assistant Professor at University of California Berkley, who abandoned a promising academic career...

The Potential of Optical Sensors for Point-of-Care Settings


A struggle against nature and its elements is a part of the story of mankind. Since its inception, the medical profession is aimed to shore up humanity’s defenses against deadly diseases, ailments, injuries, and illnesses. The most integral part of any doctor’s arsenal against viruses and bacteria when diagnosing and...

A Future Where Less Will Be More


Close your eyes and try to imagine what life will be like in say, 15-25 years from now. You may visualize humans wearing bodysuits similar to the costumes in Star Wars, eating toothpaste-like substances to get your daily intake of calories, commuting in driver-less cars to offices located in glass...

How Artificial Intelligence will Impact the Human Workforce: Threats of a Jobless Future


Over the last century, rapid advancements in technology have brought many changes in society, especially related to how we live our lives and what we do for a living. Some jobs have been eradicated completely and many roles that required human resource have now been automated. This trend, it seems,...

Managing Knowledge Companies with OKRs – A Pakistani Perspective


Knowledge companies are defined as having “knowledge” as their principal capital and so holds true for the knowledge worker. The concept has evolved over time, however it gained prominence after the term was first coined by Peter Drucker in 1957, where he suggests that “the most valuable asset of a...

STEM Learning Outcomes Improvement in 50,000 Students

STEM Learning Outcomes Improvement in 50,000 Students

The use of technology in all aspects of life is the way of the future. Pakistan’s education sector has to become comfortable with using ICT in learning as this is the new playground for stakeholders in education world-wide. In 2012, the ICT R&D Fund granted funds to Knowledge Platform to...

Bio-Printing: A Future Revolution


In recent years, significant advancements have been made in 3D or additive printing and it has certainly come a long way ever since its invention in 1987. This technology has been substantially utilized in the field of medicine in terms of recreating bio-printed organs which in turn have helped in improving and...

Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Life

Artificial Intelligence

During our childhood, many of us probably watched episode upon episode of the well-known “Knight Rider” series. ‘Kit’ was a prime example of artificial intelligence aiding human activity. To a large extent, that magical car addressed many childhood fantasies. However, as technological advancements accelerated, what we may have brushed off...