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Portable Optical Sensor for Rapid, Non-Invasive, and On-Site Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Principal Investigator's Organization (PIO):
Principal Investigator (PI):
Imran Cheema
Partner Organization(s)
National TB Control Program
Project Details:
Duration 34 months
Budget PKR 31.8 Million
Executive Summary

Brainchild of Dr. Muhammad Imran Cheema, a portable optical sensor is being developed for on-site diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB); a disease which is known to every second household in Pakistan.

Using laser Raman spectroscopy, a simple breath test will analyze a patient for rapid, on-site diagnosis. The inner walls of the collection chamber they breathe into are chemically treated to capture the organic TB biomarkers present in the patient's breath. A laser beam is then passed through the chamber, and the transmitted light is detected as a function of the raman shifts, determining the frequency.

The diagnosis of TB is then performed based on the chemically-specific spectroscopic signatures of the TB biomarkers present in the breath. This process will provide a novel TB sensor which is non-invasive, accurate, sensitive, and label free. By developing an easy to use non-invasive optical sensor, immediate TB diagnosis can be provided without the aid of specialized laboratory personnel. This is also easily portable to remote areas with lack of healthcare infrastructure.


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