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Portable Optical Sensor for Rapid, Non-Invasive, and On-Site Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Principal Investigator's Organization (PIO):
Principal Investigator (PI):
Imran Cheema
Partner Organization(s)
National TB Control Program
Project Details:
Budget PKR 31.8 Million
Executive Summary

Brainchild of Dr. Muhammad Imran Cheema, a portable optical sensor is being developed for on-site diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB); a disease which is known to every second household in Pakistan.


One approach for TB diagnosis involves the detection of a TB-specific biomarker panel. The biomarkers can be present in blood, clinically developed culture sample, or breath of a patient infected with TB. Optical sensors leveraging spectroscopy, which are widely used in military and space applications, have a tremendous potential of providing an accurate, sensitive, and real time TB test. Here, we propose to develop a novel optical sensor that can analyze the breath of a patient for rapid and on-site TB diagnosis.

The overall goal of the project is to develop an easy to use non-invasive, accurate, sensitive, and label free optical sensor that provides immediate TB diagnosis without the aid of specialized laboratory personnel. The sensor will also be easily portable to remote areas with lack of healthcare infrastructure.



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